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General conditions

1. Unless agreed otherwise by special written agreement, the general terms and conditions of Ateliers Sauvage SA are the only ones to be applied, to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions.

2. Unless expressly agreed otherwise, no service shall be carried out by our company before receipt of a signed and dated order form and the payment of a deposit of 50%. The completion or delivery deadline period starts from the date of payment of the deposit.

3. The contractual deadlines to which our company commits itself must be extended by the same period caused by elements outside the control of our company such as, for example, strikes, transport or supply difficulties, or the bankruptcy of a supplier.

4. The goods delivered by our company are approved by the customer at the time of delivery. We must be informed immediately of any claim relating to the conformity or quality of our goods, and with the penalty of failure to make a claim within the statutory time limit, within a deadline of 8 calendar days from delivery of the goods.

5. Hidden defects that are not visible at the time of acceptance of the goods must be notified, under penalty of failure to make a claim within the statutory time limit, by recorded delivery letter within a deadline of 15 days from the date the defect was noticed, and in any case, at the latest within a deadline of one year following delivery of the goods. Hidden defects are no longer covered after this period.

6. Damages and interest due by our company in the case of delay in the completion of the order are limited to 10% of the value of the order.

7. Our company’s invoices are payable at our office 30 days from the date of delivery. In the event of an unjustified delay in payment, the customer is liable, in full right and without prior notice being given, to a penalty payment clause equal to 15% of the invoice, with a minimum of €125, as well as late payment interest charges of 1% per month.

8. Any failure to pay an invoice on the due date makes all outstanding sums due, whatever payment facilities had been agreed beforehand. Any failure to pay also suspends all current orders until payment in full has been received.

9. Although transfer of risks on the goods occurs on their delivery, our company retains ownership of the goods until they have been paid for in full.

10. Belgian law applies to all our orders, wherever completion of the order takes place, or whatever the nationality of the customer. In case of dispute between the parties, only the courts of the administrative region of Verviers shall have jurisdiction.